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Jeremy Gray

Managing Director

Jeremy Gray is an investment professional with 20 years of experience in global capital markets as a Mining Equity Analyst, Mining Portfolio Manager and Investment Banker.

Prior to joining Chancery Asset Management, Mr Gray worked with Reorient Group, a merchant bank in Hong Kong, and Standard Chartered Plc where he was Global Head of Basic Materials Equity Research.

Mr Gray started his career as an equity analyst with Credit Suisse in Melbourne in 1994 in the Mining Team. During this time, he was covering Base Metal and Gold mining companies as an Associate. In 1996, he moved to London to join Morgan Stanley Equity Research where he was head of Metals & Mining Research. During this period, he covered names like Rio Tinto, BHP-Billiton and several European Steel companies and helped on several IPO's like Salzgitter and Boliden. Mr Gray ranked 2 in the 2000 II Analyst survey for Metals & Mining.

In 2001, Mr Gray joined Sthenos Capital in London as a founding partner. The fund was a long/short European fund with Mr Gray's focus on Basic Materials. In 2005 he returned to Melbourne for a short stint at K2 Asset Management before returning to London to re-join Credit Suisse as Head of Mining Equity Research. During this period, he was consistently ranked top 3 in surveys.

In 2009, Mr Gray joined Central African Mining as Head of Investor Relations and Business Development before it was acquired by ENRC in October. He returned to Asia in 2010. Mr Gray holds an Honours in Finance from Melbourne University