Investment Strategy

Our investment philosophy is characterised by our often unabashedly contrarian views and a focus on deeply undervalued assets with unrecognised potential for above average capital growth and/or sustainable high yields.

We aim to achieve superior risk-adjusted long-term returns by identifying investment opportunities with highly favourable risk/reward profiles well ahead of the mainstream. Our emerging markets and global macro strategies are concentrated on a number of well thought-out investment themes, focusing on fundamental market imbalances that are about to correct.

Our investment approach is based on a sound analysis of macroeconomic fundamentals and geopolitical developments. In addition, sentiment indicators and market psychology play a vital role in our assessment. We carefully observe broad economic and geopolitical trends and then apply our strategic vision with a detailed analysis of individual companies and their prospects, combining macro and bottom-up approaches and leveraging the technical expertise of our management team and senior advisers.

In our view, the precious metals mining sector currently represents an asset class with an extraordinarily asymmetric risk-reward profile.

The Chancery Gold & Silver Mining Fund invests in undervalued gold mining companies, offering a tangible alternative to mainstream investments.

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Examples of our major investment themes and contrarian calls include the following: