Investment Strategy

Precious Metals & Natural Resources

Our precious metals strategy is driven by our bullish macro outlook for gold & silver. Following its "mid-cycle correction" in 2013/14, gold is now ready to embark on its next leg up to new highs, in what we believe will be gold's most powerful move in its secular bull market.

In order to amplify the performance of a pure gold & silver portfolio, we selectively invest in undervalued precious metals mining equities, which offer a natural, operational leverage to the price of the metals they produce.

In our analysis, selected gold & silver mining equities offer a rare opportunity for outsized capital gains as gold mining shares are currently at historic lows relative to the price of gold and have historically always outperformed in the advanced stages of a gold bull market.

We believe that gold and gold mining shares will move sharply higher over the next few years as the reckless central bank monetary policies of the last few years finally take their toll. With valuations and sentiment indicators at rock-bottom levels, gold mining stocks now represent an asset class with an extraordinarily asymmetric risk-reward profile.

Our team includes some of the world's best mining professionals with deep technical expertise and decades of experience in the operation, management, financing and analysis of mining projects around the world.